Sunday, 2 September 2018

Will I Ever Be Organised?

The one thing that really frustrates me about myself is my inability to stay organised when I am such a lover of stationary. For the past month at least, every store has had multiple discounts and offers on 'Back To School' it truly makes me miss the start of a new term. You'd get a new bag, new pens and pencils (that are all gone by week 2) highlighters, a calculator, even stuff you knew you weren't going to use but because of that fresh feeling you just HAD to purchase.

Well, I totally got that feeling a few days ago when I stumbled across my old (incomplete, of course) Bullet Journal from 2 years ago. It made me just want to re-organise myself for the millionth time and what I love about this system is there's no rules. You create the pages, you create the content and I forgot how much I enjoyed doing this when I had the motivation to do it so I am revamping my BuJo.

I'm being smart about this however, instead of outright going out and buying a new journal, I'm putting myself a trial by using my old book with a few pages still left. If I prove I can stick it out and be committed to Bullet Journalling for the next 4 months, I will have a fresh start-over for 2019 and purchase a brand new book. (Eek!)

A gal can't be completely well-behaved though, I may or may not have invested in new stationary just to excite me. Well, I say 'invested' I got it all from Poundland! I honestly couldn't believe the range they had and for a fraction of the price of other retailers. I know most people like the branded items because of the quality and the showing-off aspect of it. 'Oh I'm just pulling out my Parker pen and Sharpies' We've all been there. But that doesn't bother me for my own personal use but they do actually sell brands such as BIC, Papermate and Pritt and they're still £1! Here's what I got:

A pack of Poundland 10 Highlighters, 4 BIC Fine Liners, 10 Poundland Fine Liners, A Pritt Stick, 6 pack of Washi Tape, Pen holder, Stickers.

Let me just highlight something. I honestly recommend that you go to Poundland and have a little nosey for a Pritt stick and branded pens because retailers such as WHSmith and The Works, both I love by the way, are selling these for double the price and for the same product? Surely there's something wrong with that, right? As for the rest, I did put these to the test to prove that sometimes, you're just paying for the name. 

The only comparison with the BIC and Poundland Fine Liners are certain Poundland ones do bleed the tiniest bit, but that's nothing to turn your nose up at and they are definitely a dupe of the Stabilo Fine Liners. Just a little tip too if you are going to purchase them, they also do an 8 pack so don't be fooled and pick up the 10, 2 extra pens for free, why wouldn't you? The stickers, I simply got for my 5 year old self and the Washi tape, I was sooo excited for because 2 years ago when I last wanted some it was so rare to find!

So anyway, back to my Bullet Journal trial. Here's a sneak peek of (my lack of) artistic skills.



I actually find the mood tracker so cute, I grabbed inspiration off 
@AmandaRachLee for the theme and idea. I've also put my food I've had
this month and i'm keeping track of my fruit and water intake.

A monthly log. I base this solely around work so I know what breaks
are coming up and also my ongoing expenses.

Finally, my daily log. My working week is Fri-Thurs so I've
adapted it to suit me and also included my rota for that week.

Finding a layout that works for me is important and i'm swaying towards
this for the future.

It's completely basic for now and unfinished, I need to use my new pens to make it look pretty but this is kind of the jist of a Bullet Journal if you didn't know. I watched a thousand videos dedicated to other people's journals and the inspiration you can get is unreal. You can log as much or as little as you want to do with your lifestyle, and that's what makes them so great.

Would you consider starting one?

Katie x

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

REVIEW: L'Oreal Dream Lengths | Is It ACTUALLY Any Good?

Let's rewind back to Autumn last year, every beauty guru, blogger, vlogger in the entire social media universe was raving about these new products that claim to be a miracle in a bottle that could stop you from going to the salon as often. Every girls dream right? Because secretly we dread getting that trim when "a couple of inches" turns into a huge chunk of hair on the floor. Well L'Oreal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths collection answered our prayers and created a shampoo and conditioner that detangles and nourishes your long locks but also a "no hair-cut" cream that prevents breakage and split ends.

This was way too good to be true I'm sure you'll all agree so I was so hesitant of buying into their products at first because I find nowadays beauty influencers, as much as they claim to be "100% honest" tend to just promote for that extra little cash in their back pocket and most of them have salon perfect hair anyway so was I really supposed to believe them?

After a few stubborn months and allowing the hype to go down (as usual) I decided to bite the bullet and give these bad boys a try. I've been growing my hair since November, and I invested in the products back in June so my hair had grown alot so it was the perfect opportunity to test the products.

Let me tell you now, even after the first wash, I ate my words. I hadn't felt my hair so soft in years due to bleaching and heat damage. It honestly felt like I had a expensive hair treatment or something, I was strutting around swishing my hair like I was in a bloody L'Oreal advert. Because I'm Worth It!

Since using the Shampoo, Conditioner and Cream trio, I've found myself not needing to wash my hair as frequent either, it's long lasting that's for sure and my hair feels so much more healthy. That added few squirts of no hair-cut cream to the ends of my hair are doing wonders and it seems to be making my hair grow faster, I've been getting so many compliments since June so I 100% recommend if you want to grow your hair without the hassle. Other than the obvious different style, the truth is in the pictures; less frizz, less damaged, more sleek.

Drugstores like Superdrug are always having promotional offers on Dream Lengths so there are always a good excuse for you to try if you're sceptical without losing out on money. Boots actually have a bundle of the trio and also the saviour mask for extra nourishment, for just £12! Dream Lengths have just brought out a heat mask too that I am super excited to try.

Here are some links to save you a trip!

Katie x

Monday, 9 July 2018

My Go To Make-up Products

It's July, Summer is in it's prime, which is a rarity for us English lot who don't usually experience sunshine quite this much, so you'd think whilst sweating in 28 degree weather make-up is the last thing on my mind but well, you'll be surprised!

In actual fact, because this heat doesn't allow for a lie in, I have time on my hands to pack on the layers to make me look less of a potato. I've also found a few new products I am obsessed with so I enjoy applying, even if i do look a bit extra for work.

The first product is one of the biggest hypes of this year. I wasn't 100% convinced when I read reviews that a £5 foundation could be so flawless and full coverage but this Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick is a gift from the gods. Not only is it obviously super inexpensive, It is perfect for my skin. Being Casper the ghost, I feel like most foundations only have limited shades where even the lightest can be too orange for me but having 18 shades suitable for everyone, I really have hit the jackpot. F4 is perfect for me as it's not too pasty on my skin like F1 but it's just the right colour to suit with or without a fake tan. It's so easy to apply and blends like a dream, what more could I ask?

Next up is highlight. I didn't think bargain wise, I'd find one that makes me shine bright like a diamond until I discovered this Primark beauty. The shade is Brunch Club and the glow is just right without looking like you're just sweaty. I feel like Primark has really upped their game when it comes to beauty products, the quality is amazing and at £2.50? Who needs an expensive dupe?

Recently, I've incorporated lashes into my daily routine. I know this seems very "Beauty Vlogger" of me but honestly, I love how much they make a difference to my look. I have long lashes naturally so it's more for the volume and intensity but I'm currently loving it. It doesn't even take much more effort now I've had practice and I always used to think it was an expensive craze but like everything quality isn't always pricey. Now, surprisingly my go-to lashes are only £1! Although Primark lashes are my favourite, most days I grab mine from Poundland and although the glue is shocking, pair these with Superdrug own brand lash glue and you're looking glam for a fraction of the price, not to mention they are reusable!

Finally, who doesn't love a good nude? I feel like I've been on the search for a drugstore dupe of Kylie's Candi K for so long and they've either been too light it looks like I've got foundation lips, or they're too warm toned, however, this Velvet Matte Lip Lacquer by MUA in the shade Tranquility is £3 and I am in love. It just glides onto my lips and dries perfectly without taking too much moisture away as I suffer from chapped lips, also the colour is so versatile for so many looks. So impressed.

Shop here:
Foundation Stick - Superdrug
Lip Lacquer - Superdrug
Highlighter - Primark.
Lashes - Poundland

Wednesday, 4 July 2018


Judging by the title of this post, you should know generally what the next few paragraphs will consist of. I don't know why it's such a taboo subject for women because essentially it takes two to 'tango' - for want of a better word! You get males thriving off their sex lives and getting continuous praise for being a "lad", a "player", upping his numbers, however if a woman dares to even discuss their bedroom activities we are branded a "whore", a "slut", talk about double standards, eh?

I feel like this isn't communicated enough, there's so much talk of equal rights in the workplace, feminism acts that yes, are just as important, but shouldn't a female feel comfortable in her day to day life without being judged and scrutinised for being single? All this 'independent woman who don't need no man' talk is fine but a girl is allowed to have fun with a guy(s), I mean, there's only so much Ann Summers stock that can satisfy alone.

It's 2018, we have come so far in the progression of the LGBT community and taking pride in who you are and who you love, but what if you enjoy being single with numerous sexual partners? As long as the right precautions are taken, I'm not trying to promote unsafe sex at all, use contraception, whatever form that suits you and do whatever and whoever you like!

We live in a world that we all think it is okay to judge others whether that be on their appearance or life choices because from a young age our minds are drilled with idealities that are simply just unrealistic. It doesn't help that technology and social media has allowed us to share so much more which can create vulnerability because it allows the public to form an opinion of you when in reality, who gives a crap what Doris from Stoke had for breakfast?

Unfortunately, being part of a lifestyle because of where I work, it's similar to a Uni environment where you live on campus and everybody knows your business because we are so close knit, there's always mutual friendships/enemies just around the corner so if I even get spotted with male, it's escalates into a story so extreme I feel like I should be in my own soap opera, and the worst part is, because of our nosey nature and being gossips, people will believe it and spread it further. So what if I am sleeping with the bloke? That's OUR choice, we don't need your 2 pence worth.

What does it really matter to you? Why are you questioning it? If it makes a person happy, makes them feel empowered then we should encourage that not belittle it.

Everybody is different, everybody progresses through life differently, so why don't we all just mind our own business and focus on perfecting our own lives before involving ourselves in others.

The End.
Playsuit: LASULA

Katie x

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Getting Ready For Summer With Hot Miami Shades

Can you believe it's June already? Half a year is just done and dusted and my god hasn't it been eventful (see my last post what i've been up to). I just feel like the days are just slipping away from me, soon enough I'll be old, grey and in a care home.

Anyway, enough waffling, I just thought I'd do a post updating you on my latest collab. A few weeks ago, Hot Miami Shades got in contact with me to see if I was interested in becoming an affiliate for their brand, I mean as a sucker for warm weather and summer, for the 6-7 days England actually gets it, I couldn't say no.

Hot Miami Shades are an American brand that have beem bringing "the hottest shades of Miami" since 2015. Personally, I have never come across them before however I am British, of course it would be difficult to know about it. If you don't already know, I just love brands, online retailers that aren't necessarily as commercial and popular as the likes of Boohoo, Missguided etc. but I think that stems from the fact I love to be a little different with my style.  Yes, I follow trends but if a denim jacket for example, has a slightly different vibe, I'm all for it because I just get really uptight if I see someone else wearing the same items as me just because they are easily accessible. Smaller companies help me out majorly with that whilst at the same time I'm helping promote them, so win win situation really and Hot Miami Shades were no exception.

On their website they have a variety of 72 sunglasses to choose from, ranging from different styles and colours to suit everybody. Initially, hence the brand name, that was where I did a B-Line to and I purchased a gorgeous round pair but it wasn't until after I realised they sell clothing, jewellery and accessories aswell so you can be well and truly prepared for summer in one stop. Of course, their prices are in US Dollars but I always think that's more exciting for me because in UK Pounds it converts cheaper (just me..?) however it's not too expensive, some may say it's pricey for some items but the quality of the product is actually really impressive.

In terms of delivery, it's very realistic. As a British girl it took about 2 weeks to arrive which for FREE shipping I can't complain, although I must have gone through 7 different weather changes in the mean time I didn't know if I needed sunglasses or bloody wellies! It comes in a cute branded box and includes a pouch, a cloth to clean the lenses, and a mini tool which if i'm honest I don't know what is for, maybe tightening them? But I love the fact they have thought about these details.

All in all, Hot Miami Shades have really impressed me. I absolutely adore my sunglasses, they're oversized, stylish and comfortable to wear which is a must for me, as a regular glasses wearer, I can't stand when they rub your nose or feel like they suffocate your face. (although as usual they do rip your hair out if you put them on top of your head!) Obviously, I stayed a little safe and true to my style but as I said, there will be a style that suits you whether you're more daring or like to keep it subtle.

If you're interested in purchasing any product from Hot Miami Shades, here's a little cheeky discount from me to you to save you some pennies: POOK20 


I Did What?!

Where Have You Been? I hear you cry.

Well it's true I've had a complete hiatus from blogging and I haven't really had any excuses really but what I can tell you is I've definitely spent this time wisely (or not so wisely some may argue after this post) 

If I've learnt anything growing up it's definitely that life is short, you never know how much time you have so why not make the days count ey? Whether it's planned events or a last minute booze-up, I can guarantee when we're old and grey, they are the memories we will cherish no matter how much we may regret them at the time. Which brings me to the theme of this post; Spontaneity.

Here are my top spontaneous/random moments so far (most of which actually include the same 2 friends; bad influences maybe?)

1. Travelling over an hour at night to get dessert.
Because noone wants just plain old ice-cream from a supermarket to satisfy their sweet tooth right? We decided to go from Minehead to Yeovil to go to Kaspa's dessert place. So I may have exaggerated a little, my friend is actually originally from Yeovil but a little drive around escalated into going to his hometown to get chocolate covered waffles and cookie dough. But this is just the start of our driving adventures ....

2. Deciding to travel to MANCHESTER the night before for a 'casual' day trip.
Yes .. Manchester, as in North of England, as in at least 4 hours away from where we live. We are surrounded by mainstream cities like Bristol, Birmingham, Plymouth, yet those just didn't tickle our fancy. Instead, we wanted somewhere different to go shopping (baring in mind we were all semi-broke at the time) so we thought it was the best option. Was it? Well, Trafford Centre is INSANE. I just wish I had longer to get my head around how massive this place was and explore properly, it was definitely a culture shock to the shopping centres we are used to. Also, the boys got some pretty decent suits for our upcoming awards night so all in all a successful trip. However, we did do one more thing whilst we were there ...

3. Getting our Nipples pierced whilst in Manchester.
Now, don't get me wrong, nipple piercings has always been something I said I'd love to get but it was one of those things where I didn't think I would actually go through with it. Well, after the tiniest bit of peer pressure and finding a studio at last minute on Google, we all decided to bite the bullet and get it done. Only the one mind, which I'm actually glad about because that trip home was painful! Seatbelts and sore nips are not a good combo boys and girls especially having to travel home 4 hours!

4. Booking + flying to Tenerife in less than a week.
I don't know if you've picked up on this or not but I do struggle with last minute plans at the best of times but a holiday with no notice spared gave me complete anxiety! This actually was back in January 2017 and my first holiday away without my parents which was a big deal to me. My good friend Katie literally texted me not suggesting but TELLING me we were going to go with our other pal Dan, and sent me the cost and details, at least someone had it planned out! And it was all because of a passing comment that we should get away somewhere. I never thought I'd ever have the courage to do that but it turned out to be exactly what we needed.

So the point I'm really getting at is, life is really short and although our credit cards take an absolute beating, often the most unexpected days, trips, moments are the ones we will remember in a few years time, not the ones where we are stuck in work, stuck with the same daily routine. So do something out of blue, you never know it could be the best thing you do this year.

Love Katie x

Thursday, 1 February 2018

OPINION: Naj Oleari Make-up *FAIL*

I am always looking for new make-up to try and test out because I just can't stick to one brand for anything, I believe there's always a better one around the corner whether it's foundation, concealer, lipsticks, I just have to try them all. 

Last week I was having a little browse through Fragrance Direct, which is amazing btw, drugstore and big name brands for a fraction of the price! And I came across a brand I genuinely have never seen before; Naj Oleari. Whilst looking through their products it was evident you'd be saving at least £3-£10 purchasing on the site so it much be a bigger well established brand than I thought so I did some digging and bought a few products to try. Turns out they are an Italian fashion brand that create clothing, accessories, homeware, umbrellas and more. Looking through their website their products have such a Cath Kidston vibe about them using fruity and floral prints to make it very cutesy. 

Anyway back to make-up. Let's start with the product I was most hesitant about; The "Perfect Look Kit". This includes a foundation and concealer stick but on the website there was no type of hint as to what shade the foundation was which was worrying, I even asked Customer Service and tried to Google it but it was nowhere to be seen, suspicious. but still, I decided to try it out as I can't really complain at the £2.49 price tag can i?

I had EVERY right to be concerned, just look at the colour! This was horrific. The most depressing thing was that the coverage and foundation itself was so nice against my skin and really easy to blend, but unfortunately, I don't work for Willy Wonka so the colour was a complete disaster and ultimately this is where it ended up.

So, that hasn't given me much faith in the rest of the products I bought! Next was the eyeliner and although I'm not the biggest fan of thicker applicators the precision and outcome was surprisingly good for a gal who can't get her flicks on fleek! This Easy Eyeliner retails for around £6.99 and Fragrance Direct sell it for £2.99, amazing.

So things are starting to look up for this brand. Last but not least were their lipsticks which I had high hopes for because I'm a sucker for a lippy. This one is the Deep Rouge 8hr Totally Matte Lipstick in the shade Orchidea which is a lovely dark dusty pink colour.

What I loved about this too is the packaging. The top and the box it comes in is matte so of course there's no confusion and the lipstick was so lovely to apply it wasn't dry against your lips or sticky and it felt and looks very luxurious. The retail price for the lipstick is £9.95 where I got it for £2.99, what an absolute bargain!

The final product I tested was the Affinity Lipstick which is creamy as opposed to matte which I got in this lovely deep plum shade. The colour looks a little different to the picture on the website but nonetheless I loved it. This is probably my favourite product of Naj Oleari which is different as I love matte lip colours but something about this I really loved! Again, retailing for £9.95 I saved £6.96 paying only £2.99 which is really inexpensive for such a good lipstick. Definitely comparable to MAC I think.

So all in all, not a complete disaster despite the foundation fiasco that I was not happy about, my hairline still has a orange tinge to it! Other than the Affinty Lipstick, I don't think I'd pay full price for any of this personally. The eyeliner you can easily get a cheaper dupe and the matte lipstick was good but didn't have everything to add up to the original price.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the products I'll leave a direct link down below.

Hope you have a lovely day! 

Katie x

Deep Rouge 8HR Totally Matte Lipstick £2.99 RRP £9.95
Affinity Lipstick £2.99 RRP £9.95
Easy Eyeliner £2.99 RRP £6.99